Goodlife Cat Food Review

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Goodlife Cat Food Review
Goodlife Cat Food Review

Hello animal lovers especially cat lovers, thank you’ve stopped by again to Ashleys website Pets. This time I will discuss about Goodlife Cat Food Review.

Goodlife cat Food is manufactured and marketed by Mars, Incorporated. Mars was founded in 1911 by Frank C. Mars in Tacoma, Washington and the firm has since acquired a range of pet food brands such as Goodlife, Pedigree, Iams, Whiskas, and Royal Canin. Mars is one of the major food manufacturers in the world and consequently has centers on every continent (except Antarctica) in over 74 different countries.

The Goodlife Website doesn’t say where exactly Goodlife goods are fabricated although the Mars websites suggests that it’s produced in the united states.

Though Goodlife may not be among the most significant or most recognizable cat food brands on the market, it’s definitely one worth considering if you’re looking for a high quality, nutritious diet for your cat. Goodlife cat foods are formulated to, “help your cat live life to the fullest” by employing high-quality ingredients. With Goodlife cat foods, your cat will be properly nourished so that he can enjoy many healthy and active years by your side. The Goodlife manufacturer makes four claims about each and every one of its products:

  • The #1 ingredient is chicken or salmon
  • There’s No corn, wheat or soy
  • Made with high quality materials and are full of nutrients
  • Made with recipes and flavor that is very tasty

You may be able to find Goodlife products in the local and National pet food chains, but it could be easier to buy them online from pet food retailers such as and Or salmon as the primary ingredient. This is pretty easy for the brand to accomplish since they only offer you a total of three unique flavors, but it’s still an important thing to take into account. A fast analysis of all 3 products shows that chicken is the first ingredient in 2 salmon and recipes is the first ingredient in the rest of the recipe — all three recipes listing chicken meal as the second ingredient. While new chicken and salmon are excellent sources of animal protein, it’s important to not forget that fresh meats contain around 80% water. So, once the entire recipe is cooked down into kibbles, the moisture content will be much reduced — this implies that the complete weight of the component is a lot lower as well.

Fortunately, Goodlife makes up for this fact by adding chicken meal as the second ingredient. Don’t let the word “meal” fool you — chicken meal is only fresh chicken which has already been cooked down to a moisture content about 10%. This makes it a far more highly concentrated source of animal protein than new chicken.

Rather than using these ingredients, all three Goodlife recipes include brown Rice as the third component. On their site, Goodlife indicates that each of the products comprises natural fiber to control hairballs. It’s safe to assume that they’re referring to the brown rice as the source of fiber, though all three recipes also contain dried fruits and veggies. Brown rice is among the most digestible grains, but it’s still a grain so that it is going to be more difficult for the cat to digest than other gluten- and grain-free carbohydrates.

Goodlife indicates that all of their products are made with high quality Ingredients and formulated to satisfy your cat’s nutritional requirements. All the three products is supplemented with calcium to offer support for healthy bones and teeth in addition to other nutrients for a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Ingredients contained in Goodlife recipes that brings this claim into question. Brewer’s rice, as an instance, is another grain which includes broken fragments of rice kernels. These kernels are allegedly easy to digest, although they are low in nutrients — it is probably included as an extra source of fiber in Goodlife foods.

Powdered cellulose is contained in the Indoor Recipe and it’s a carbohydrate in addition to a fantastic source of fiber. Dried beet pulp is just another source of fiber although it’s otherwise fairly low in nutrient value. Many cat food makers include it in their recipes as it’s been proven to help repel fleas.

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