5 best Healthiest Cat Food Brands

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Healthiest Cat Food Brands
Healthiest Cat Food Brands

If you Have taken the time to go to Some Search engine and ask it what the healthiest cat food brands are, there is no doubt you are a fantastic person. However, you don’t have enough time to perform months and months of study¬† and that is where we come in. The first version of the article was written back in 2014 and we have been updating it ever since.

In our research, we have uncovered some Surprising truth about cats and the food they need to and should not be eating.

The Cats Are Not Meant to Eat Dry Food

Cereals and kibble have their place they are certainly more convenient for us humans. But if you’re referring to a cat’s nutritional needs, dry food isn’t right for felines.

There, where There’s very little water, a cat receives its liquid from the food it eats. That is why desert cats do not become thirsty how you or I would — they get all of the water they need from eating the prey they catch.

Dehydration leads to Infection

Your Cat Is Most Likely Dehydrated Is simply eating dry food it probably is not getting the water it needs. Sure, cats will drink water from a bowl, but they won’t ever get enough.

If a cat Is not getting enough water, it is likely to be exposed to having deadly feline sicknesses like obesity, allergies, diabetes, kidney and bladder stones, and many, many more.

There are Times when you may need to feed your cat dry food (since it is more convenient for YOU), but concerning THEIR health there is a clear winner. Wet food, be it raw or canned, is the closest they’ll get for their normal diet.

Variation Is Very Good

For maximum Health advantages, rotate exactly what your cat eats with 2-4 distinct brands of canned food that your cat likes. If you just serve the exact same food again and again your cat’s immune system will weaken and they may develop allergies.

The following 5 Best Healthiest Cat Food Brands we recommend:

1. Solid Gold

Healthiest Cat Food Brands, Solid Gold

This brand Provides a holistic approach to creating cat food, so as you would expect it is grain-free, balanced, and ideal for cats and kittens of all ages and dimensions. My kitty is positively hooked into the tuna and tapioca in gravy version.

On top of Being easily digestible, the founders of the food tell us its odor is succulent enough to tempt even the pickiest of cats, stating, “with the support of this meal, you may keep your cat’s skin and coat healthy and shiny.” It’s also thought to enhance feline immune systems, and keeps bones and teeth well fortified. Evo (Previously Innova)

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